Hair Extension Educators

These ladies eat, breathe and sleep hair extensions

Master Trainer

Melanie K

Director. Melanie has been a successful hair extensionist for over a decade, running 3 hair extension boutiques throughout Yorkshire. Spotting a gap in the market, she wanted to teach hair extensions and trained to become a hair extension teacher. She then progressed to assessor status. Mel spent time travelling the world sourcing the best grades of human hair extensions, learning the intricacies of the hair extension world and immersing herself in the industry. She returned to the UK and compiled one of the most comprehensive hair extension theology syllabuses. Since then, she has trained hundreds of students, not just here from the UK but abroad too. Her speciality today is focusing on Easiring™ and running the "Become a hair extension tutor" syllabus. Background: Senior stylist & colourist. Sales and Marketing Director. Business Acquisition Director. Fave hair extension method and why? Gotta be Easiring™ as a hair extension teacher I can boss a full head of Microrings in under 30 mins! Next in line is Tape-ins. I love the amount of volume that can be achieved in a quick time scale. Can you tell I’m a little impatient?! 😂 Which method you dislike the most and why? Hot Fusion Bonds, they are made by satan, no one should have to teach hair extensions in this way! 🤨 Which method did you find hardest to grasp whilst training? Hot fusion bonds. I struggled during initial training trying to perfect the rolling technique. They were so bad, but I still got issued a pass 😩!!!! It took me months to get it 100% spot on. Guess I’m a perfectionist so if they weren’t sealed properly, smooth the touch, each one without “a bleed” then I’d want to restart my installation. So now as a hair extension teacher I feel the pain of my students with this method! What do you love about your job at Director of Arkitect Hair Extension Academy? Versatility, meeting new people, no two days are the same in this role. One day I'm a hair extension teacher It doesn’t feel like work. Plus I can wear Pink joggers without judgement!!🤣 Any golden nuggets to pass on? Do your research before enrolling onto any old hair extension course. Read the reviews, are they real? Speak to the hair extension teacher, do they really know the industry? How many courses do they run a week, how often do they teach hair extensions and what is the pass criteria? Ask in-depth questions, get them to explain their syllabus, really test their skill set, who do you feel most comfortable with? who really knows their stuff and whos just after your dime? Mel

Senior Instructor

Marie G

Yorkshire & Surrounding areas. After leaving school at 16 I intended to go into Hair and Beauty, however, my parents had a different idea. I was told that hair wasn’t to be my future and that I needed to go work for a large corporate where a “job was for life”! So after securing a role as a “typist” within a large blue-chip organisation, I drifted throughout the various departments, picking up many business qualifications and promotions along the years. I still thought about hair and beauty but had got sucked into the Corporate world, great pay, pension and benefits. I thought I’d never be able to leave after all this was all I knew. Doubts circulated my mind … “if I left this job, how would I survive with a pay cut”, “what if I retrained and didn’t like it?”, would I even be good at it? Many years passed and I still hadn’t the guts to leave. So, I started an evening class, training to become a nail technician and I loved it. This confirmed to me that this was where my passion was, I needed to make that move. I planned to do both to limit the risk and go part-time, but the timing wasn’t right… I was going to become a mum. So, with plans on the back burner, I concentrated on being a mum to my son, Lucas to again go part-time once he was an infant school. Life just took over, being a mum, wife and working full time I’d convinced myself that it wasn’t meant to be. Before I knew it, Lucas was in secondary school and I was sat in a job I hated! Sure, the pay was good, but I had no interest in what I was doing – I dreaded Sunday’s because I knew Monday was just around the corner, I was miserable. And that was it – I thought to myself if I don’t do this now I never will. I enrolled on a course here with Arkitect and did all the most popular methods. I trained to be a hair extension teacher and now I regularly teach hair extensions application. BECOME A TUTOR LIKE ME Fave hair extension method and why? Braidless weave. Fast and great coverage instantaneously and so easy when it comes to maintenance. As I hair extension teacher I love teaching this method. Which method you dislike the most and why? Fusion bonds. They are too much of a faff -As a hair extension teacher, I like to teach hair extensions methods that are fast to install and relatively easy on the maintenance. - Sorry 😏 Which method did you find hardest to grasp whilst training? Probably HFB. I didn't enjoy the rolling of the hair and I didn't like how they looked + as a hair extension teacher, rolling them to Mel's standard is a military mission in itself! What do you love about Hair Extension Tutor? As a hair extension teacher, I love seeing a student flourish throughout the day. When they first arrive they are so nervous and worried that they won't be able to grasp it, especially if they are doing numerous methods in one day. I love seeing how proud they are of themselves once they have passed and also enjoy seeing them grow their businesses after they leave.I love the fact that I get to teach hair extensions. I get to travel and work my own hours. Plus, the ethics and ethos at Arkitect make it a place you just wanna be!

Senior Instructor

Sarah p

Bristol & Surrounding Areas. Sarah has been a successful hair extensionist for nearly 8 years working as a mobile extensionist and advancing to running her own boutique. Fulfilling her dreams and aspirations to teach hair extensions, Sarah embarked on our Hair Extension Teachers Training programme. Sarah is our newest tutor, delivering our accredited hair extension courses in Bristol and surrounding areas. As a tutor for Arkitect Hair Extension Academy, she continues to expand her hair extension knowledge by immersing herself in the industry. Fave hair extension method and why? As a hair extension teacher, I love to teach hair extensions and my favourite has to be Nanos. I just love nanorings. They are just so discreet and easiest to fit. And I find it therapeutic to thread the threader! Which method you dislike the most and why? I can't say I dislike any to be fair. But as a hair extension teacher if I had to I would say the microbeads. I find them so much bigger than nano's these days. Which method did you find hardest to grasp whilst training? I think the hardest method is fusion bonds. It took me a long time to really master the neatness of them. Especially as a hair extension teacher, they need to be spot on every time. What do you love about Hair Extensionist? I absolutely love being a hair extensionist and love to teach hair extensions. No 2 days are the same as an extensionist or a hair extension teacher. You build up such a rapport with your clients that you get an amazing insight into their lives. Also the transformation you make to your client's hair and their confidence is a truly magical experience.


Become a Hair Extension Educator

Have you ever dreamed about how to become a hair extension educator? Longed to run your own hair extension training school but have no idea where to start? Are you a salon owner looking to expand your capabilities? If so, why not join the Arkitect revolution, and train to become a hair extension educator? Our hair extension teacher online syllabus combines theology assignments, L3 Teachers qualification, application and practical assessments, implementation & delivery of hair extension courses, running your own school, marketing strategies + much more!
Tutor demonstrates hair extension installation

Entry Level Teachers Training Course

BRONZE 6 methods 6-8 months. Easiring™ Micro rings, Nano rings, Hot fusion bonding, Tape weft, Micro ring weft track & Cutting. Includes: Access to our online theology portal, L3 teaching qualifications,1 years hair extension teachers insurance, manuals, on the job training, deliver your own Arkitect Hair Extension Academy sessions and become a hair extension educator, marketing material, sales leads, student kits, student certificates. Social media advertising is all done for you.